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Our offering - Ventilation systems

Lindab has a broad offering to the ventilation industry - from individual components to complete indoor climate solutions. We offer an unlimited range of functional, simple, economical and environmental ventilation solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Air distribution

Duct systems are used to transport air. We offer both circular and rectangular systems, which are often combined in the same ventilation system. 

Air diffusion

Ventilation systems control the climate in the room by regulating the air flow. This product category includes airborne products such as valves, diffusers and grilles as well as waterborne products that control room temperature.

Air control

Control of the air flow requires dampers and measuring devices of the highest quality to ensure the desired air quality.

Fire protection

To prevent fire and smoke from spreading through the ventilation system, safe and reliable ventilation fire protection systems are needed.

Sound reduction

Through decades of research and development in our own sound laboratory, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in the field of acoustic and sound reduction.

Demand controlled ventilation

For a ventilation system to provide a comfortable indoor climate, and at the same time be energy efficient, intelligence is required that can control the air flow based on how the room is used.

Thermal comfort ventilation

Lindab offers specially designed control equipment for individual climate control.

Residential ventilation

Ventilation in a home differs from ventilation in an office or school. Lindab offers solutions for residential ventilation that is safe and comfortable.