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Ultra BT - Easy upgrade of ventilation systems

The benefits of optimal ventilation are multiple and obvious. However, in a ventilation upgrade perspective, there are three main obstacles for property owners: ROI, downtime and additional installations like cabling.

So what if we told you that we created a DCV system that can be installed one room at a time? That requires no reconstruction of walls? No long-term shut down of offices?

Lindab Ultra BT is just that.

And the numbers? In our case study, data showed a cost reduction on ventilation costs by 73%, an impressive 68% energy saving, and ensured the Building Management directors a 4,5 ROI.

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Easy upgrade

As the Ultra BT is so easy to install and works at room level, you can upgrade your CAV ventilation system to a DCV system room by room. Start by optimizing the most costly areas, measure your savings, improvement in work performance, and overall comfort, and move forward from there into better air.





LindQST - Your online tool

The more you know upfront – the easier it is to do a ventilation upgrade. With the LindQST selection software, you can choose and configure solutions to ensure best performance at the lowest operating cost.

Also, we have made it easy to find all products, documentation, and relevant information, and you can save ongoing projects and finish calculations at whatever time suits you best.

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