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Design options and full flexibility

Full flexibility with design freedom is what we at Lindab have set out to achieve. There are so many factors that go into creating the rooms of tomorrow, whether it’s renovation, new build or historic buildings with strict limitations in terms of modernization, we want to offer more than just an acceptable solution.
We want to offer several design options that give you optimal ventilation and a look that actually complements the room.



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Click your way through the possibilities

With so many options to choose from in terms of where the Plafond XD can be placed and how the seven unique design covers can be fitted into various rooms with different interior design styles, there is simply no better way to present the Plafond XD covers than with an interactive display. With this tool we aim to inspire and set new standards for ventilation as part of the interior. Remember to export your solution when you have found what satisfies your needs and feel free to reach out for more information and calculations.

Flexibility is key

Plafond XD can be installed where you need it. Place it up against the ceiling, with a gap to the ceiling, up against a wall, mid-room or even install a wall-to-wall cover with the correct number of beams needed to obtain the optimal ventilation underneath.

Industrial design

In addition to our classic covers, Badge and Clyp, we have developed five fresh new designs: Alea, Cubo, Gap, Trac and Zune. These designs have been developed based on a design by Klaus Nolting, ON3D, Hamburg, Germany: “Standard ventilation products are more difficult to integrate in the architectural DNA as complementing, aesthetic elements".
Plafond XD comes with design options to accommodate whatever interior design aesthetic the architect has in mind.





Let water lower your costs

One solution that will both cut the operation costs you have today and save you money over time is to install a waterborne climate system, such as active chilled beams.

Since water carries significantly more energy than air, active chilled beams require much less energy to provide the same heating and cooling effect as a traditional heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). Compared to traditional HVAC systems, the chilled beam system is also almost noiseless and requires little or no maintenance, resulting in a more enjoyable indoor climate and lower life time costs

Movable ventilation

Easy installation means more time for other things. Therefore, the demand for easier installation is increasing steadily and Lindab will of course deliver on those demands. But it doesn’t stop there.

As Plafond XD is all about flexibility – including a need for flexible usage of space, it has to be movable. If the floor plan requirements change, the Plafond XD can easily be moved to a new location. 

Eurovent certified

It is a matter of trust.

Being Eurovent certified means that all capacity measurements are performed in a certified lab. It is only certified test results that can be compared and Lindab is top of class.

LindQST supports you

With our digital tools you can easily configure the correct and optimal solution to fit your exact ventilation needs.

With the waterborne calculator, you can find the best economic Body set-up and choose your preferred Plafond XD design cover. With the indoor climate designer, you can design your entire building room by room – floor by floor.