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Lindab has more than 35 years’ experience of supplying ventilation solutions for everything from cruise ships, ferries and cargo ships to yachts, naval ships and oil rigs.

Our continuous product development has made us one of the world’s leading suppliers to the HVAC industry. Our solutions for the marine and offshore industries are based on the same well-known, tested and documented products. 

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Yacht solutions

For many yacht owners, life at sea is the perfect escape. Every detail is expected to help create the ultimate experience in floating luxury. Achieving perfection in comfort, fresh air, low noise levels and the right temperature is essential. Lindab’s ventilation solutions for yachts provide the perfect indoor climate, as well as meeting the high demands on elegant design and a modern finish.

Yacht solutions from Lindab Marine

  • Comfortable, healthy indoor climate
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low noise levels
  • Meets the strictest requirements on weight and space
  • Modern finish and personalized design
  • Fire safe solutions
  • Customised solutions and materials in stainless steel and aluminium

Perfection is when every detail fits in perfectly

We offer customised ventilation solutions that meet the highest possible requirements on comfort, function and design. Our Lindab Safe Click system, which is fitted with the Lindab Safe rubber seal, means less insulation is required, lower weight, less air leakage and lower energy consumption.

Navy solutions

Navy vessels normally operate in very extreme conditions. Rapidly changing climate, extreme depths and even the risk of external shocks place extreme demands on the ventilation solution. There is simply no room for compromise. Normally the solution has to be customised to meet the requirements of the specific vessel. The ventilation solution has to be effective and offer optimal stability and security, but each system also has to be fully accessible and require minimal or no maintenance.

Navy solutions from Lindab Marine

  • Extremely reliable solutions
  • Highest quality available and great stability
  • Low weight, compact design and extreme energy efficiency
  • Fire-safe solutions
  • Solutions in stainless steel and aluminium

 The most reliable solutions for the most extreme requirements

Lindab has substantial experience and expertise in ventilation. Every product is characterised by state-of-the-art engineering and tested in our own industryleading R&D centres to meet the most exacting naval standards.

Passenger ship solutions

When passengers board a cruise ship, they are embarking on the experience of a lifetime. Their expectations of comfort and luxury are therefore high – and the indoor climate is an essential part of the overall impression. The ventilation must comply with all the requirements we have for an optimal indoor climate – In terms of air and temperature as well as noise. In brief, the ventilation should contribute to a unique, perfect experience on board.

Passenger ship solutions from Lindab Marine

  • Complete ventilation solutions for your project
  • High energy efficiency, less weight and space savings
  • Tightness class D (E)
  • A comfortable, healthy indoor climate
  • Customised solutions
  • Fire-safe solutions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Delivery in time, on time, everytime

Perfect ventilation is an important part of floating luxury

Lindab Marine can provide the complete ventilation solution for any passenger ship, ensuring a perfect indoor climate and on-board experience.

With our wide range of products, you can design a ventilation solution that is energy-efficient, weighs less, takes up less space and is easier to install than other solutions on the market. For example, our aerodynamic silencer Aerodym reduces noise by 50% and pressure loss by 40%, while also reducing the dimensions of the overall solution.

Offshore solutions

The offshore industry is a sector that often faces extreme weather, from cold conditions with extremely low temperatures, to salty environments and tropical heat with very high levels of humidity. These harsh conditions are something your offshore ventilation solution needs to be resistant to. By maintaining a comfortable and productive indoor climate in extreme environments at sea, offshore staff can perform their jobs with great efficiency and the highest level of safety.

Offshore solutions from Lindab Marine

  • Complete ventilation solutions, characterised by reliability and stability
  • Solid construction, quick and easy installation
  • Customised solutions
  • Less maintenance and high energy efficiency
  • Fire-safe solutions
  • Solutions in stainless steel and aluminium

We offer you a safe solution and peace of mind

When you choose a ventilation solution from Lindab Marine, you are guaranteed the best solution as well as prompt and reliable delivery from a flexible supplier. We supply the solution according to your needs – packaged by deck or with the components separated by type.

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Lindab has more than 35 years’ experience of supplying ventilation solutions for everything from cruise ships, ferries and cargo ships to yachts, naval ships and oil rigs.

We are looking forward to be hearing from you.