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Contain the fire - redirect the smoke – save lives

Save lives and protect you building with Lindab Fire System Pro - a simple and easy-to-manage steering system that gives you full fire protection. From now on you won’t have to worry about your fire protection system. In case of fire, we’ve got you covered with our Lindab Fire System Pro that will prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout your building and ensure the evacuation of cold toxic gasses. This will not only minimize damages on your building but more importantly, buy precious time for people to leave the property, which in return reduces the risk of smoke poisoning and gas related side effects, and eventually save lives.

The hero products

Fire System Pro supports a simplified construction. It consists of three main components, designed for full fire and smoke protection!

With the intelligence of the Master unit, the fast regulation of the damper unit and the flexibility and overview of the ProLink App, you get a high-end fire prevention system, full control and configuration flexibility to add more products and tailor the system to fit your building.



Installed and up and running in no time

Your time is valuable; therefore, we have designed our products to support a fast and simplified installation. The master unit is designed with generous space for wiring inside the housing and a thorough connection guide to ensure fast and correct wiring





Automatic fire containment and smoke evacuation

How it works

In case of fire, the Lindab Fire System Pro will automatically close fire dampers to contain the fire in one compartment. Smoke control dampers will ensure that no gas or smoke passes through to other compartments but is instead lead out of the building, as some dampers will shut and others will open.