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All software for building products

At Lindab, we know that your time is precious. We offer a large range of smart tools that make your work easier and with us as a partner you can benefit from more than 60 years of experience in construction technology. In short, we want to give you the opportunity to develop optimal, reliable solutions in the shortest possible time.

Read more about our software for building products below, to download, visit


This web application is used to create specifications for our various roof safety products. You specify your various parameters, and the application produces specifications for roof safety products in accordance with Swedish requirements and regulations to provide the right basis for a safe roof.

Sandwich Panel Selector

Find the right panel for your project. With Sandwich Panel Selector, you get the most out of what you need to know to choose the right wall panel. For example, dimensioning value, environmental properties, fire properties and general material properties. In addition, you can choose different profiles and colours and have them visualised.

StructuralDesigner (web)

Used to calculate bearing capacity and deflection for trapezoidal profiled sheet metal. It is possible to analyze single compartments or continuous sheet metal over 2-3 compartments. The result is presented as the relationship between utilization and capacity in both crime and use limit states.


This web application contains section data and geometries for our portfolios of sheet metal, C, Z, U and hat profiles. The properties are calculated according to Eurocode and are available for a selection of European countries.


The software includes a complete tool palette for handling steel stud walls in Revit. With the help of the software, it is possible to create wall tags, wall section schedules, outer and inner wall elements, material specifications for steel studs and wall materials and assembly drawings.


DIMstud is a Eurocode based design software for slotted studs and runners. The software can calculate exterior wall studs RY, RYF and HRY as well as exterior wall runners SKY and HSKY. The software presents results in Ultimate Limit State and Serviceability Limit State.


StructuralDesigner is a Eurocode based design software for profiled sheets, purlins and hat-profiles. Lindab's complete range of profiles within these product categories are included. The software has a built-in module for analysis of snow pockets, and it presents results in Ultimate Limit State and Serviceability Limit State.


Calculates the U-value for exterior walls consisting of Lindab's slotted exterior wall profiles combined with optional materials on both sides. The program can also analyze the moisture content of the structure under given conditions.


AutoCAD Library is a tool for architects and designers working with AutoCAD. It contains dwg files for gutters, pipes, beams, studs, rails, sheet metal profiles etc.


Application that can be used when you are looking for a wall with certain requirements in terms of sound, fire, wall height, etc. Specify relevant criteria for your wall and available wall configurations that meet the requirements will be presented in a table.