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Aluminium Tinsmith metal bearing qualityStanding seam with Aluminium

Lindab supplies aluminium for sheet metal work in PXALM (DuraFrost) and PX12AL (PVDF) quality, used for flat sheet covering on buildings through standing seam roofs, flashings and wall claddings. Quality is 310575 H40 (colour coated) according to EN 1396 and 310575 H111 (natural) and is 0.8 mm thick. We also supply a range of roof drainage systems. Lindab Aluminium can even be used for corrosion class C5.

The base material, PXALM and PX12 AL, are an extra soft sheet metal quality. The sheet has practically no spring back so tight seams can be achieved. The material can be machine and hand-seamed. The paint coating is a DuraFrost (PXALM) or PVDF (PX12AL) with very good gloss and colour retention and good corrosion protection. Also available in non-coated, glossy finish.

  • Gloss value: 30 (PVDF) 5 (PUR matt)
  • Paint system: PVDF or PUR matt
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Quality PX12
  • Roll widths as standard: 610 mm, 1250 mm​