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PC6Perforated diffuser

PC6 is a circular perforated diffuser that can be used for both supply air and extract air. The diffuser is suitable for the horizontal supply of cooled air. The diffuser can also be used for low impulse and is therefore useful for the supply of replacement air in environments with high rates of air exchange.
Installing a PC6 diffuser in a plenum box type MB can help to achieve a stable flow of air to the diffuser as well as realise the potential for individual adjustment.
Damper type B is an unique linear cone damper which allows to use the full operational area (0-100%) and allows to balance with a high pressure drop over the box with low sound generation. Furthermore the construction of the damper gives an accurate and reliable measurement.
Damper type C and E are with rotating blade dampers for respectively supply and extract air. Typically used in applications that don’t require a high balancing pressure in the plenum box.

  • Suitable for both supply and extract air
  • Discrete design
  • Can be used for low impulse supply air
  • Plenum box with several damper options