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NQ19Nozzle diffuser

NQ19 is a square ceiling diffuser with individually adjustable nozzles.

The diffuser is suitable for horizontal supply of cooled air, where great flexibility is required in the spread pattern.

Nozzles can also be oriented to a vertical supply air pattern, which allows the supply of heated air.

The diffuser is supplied as standard with nozzles set to a swirl pattern.

The diffuser front can be opened with a smart credit card system, and the front is securely hinged to ease up the work during installation and balancing phase.

NQ19 is typically used in combination with plenum box CBC for individual balancing, sound reduction and even distribution of air into the diffuser.

  • Flexible diffuser with adjustable spread pattern.
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical supply air.
  • No change in sound and pressure for different spread patterns.
  • Easy access to plenum box with credit card opening system.
  • Used in combination with plenum box CBC.