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DIRVUDamper with flow meter

The motor-driven damper DIRVU with flow meter is suitable for systems where it should possible to vary the air flow. Examples of such systems are conference rooms and public areas. It fulfils tightness class C.

Maximum and minimum flow is set with the measurement nozzles and are fixed with the two end stop screws on the motor. A special mounting, measuring, balancing and maintenance instruction exists for this product.

There is a separate assembly, measuring, balancing and maintenance instruction for this product.

Ø 100–315 fullfills pressure class A in closed position.


By fully open the damper, one get access to the duct. Do not forget to readjust the damper after cleaning.


Consider required straight distance after or before disturbance, as mentioned on page DIRU and on the card attached to the measurement nozzles, to obtain accurate flow measurement.