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DTBCUMotorized shut-off damper

The DTBCU is a spring return damper which closes if the electrical power is off. The damper can be ordered with the following control option.

24 or 230 V on off motor

24 V motor with 2-10 V analog control signal
(motortype -SR)

24 V motor with data bus control; Modbus, BACnet, MP-Bus
(motortype - MOBA)

The motor has overload protection and stops automatically when the blade has reached its end stop. Although the current is connected, the motor is not damaged if blocked.

When the power is cut, the damper closes when the drive motor freewheels and the return spring pulls the blade back to its original position.

If you want the damper to open instead of close, you can undo the two nuts on the spindle clamp, turn the spindle 90°and tighten the nuts again.

In outdoor installation, the motor should be protected from direct UV radiation.

The motor is installed at a distance from the damper, which makes it easy to insulate the ventilation duct.

There is a separate assembly, measuring balancing and maintenance instruction for this product.