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HNRoof hood

Ventilation hood for air exit above roof, suitable for both industrial and comfort ventilation. The air is ejected in an upwards-directed jet. This avoids contaminating the air in the vicinity of the hood, and soiling of the area around the hood. The ejection is so effective that you can install a fresh air inlet in the immediate vicinity of the hood, without any special precautions.

NOTE! When fans are not running there is always a risk for drifting snow and damp to penetrate into ducts. At some occasions also condensation can cause trouble.

The hood is made of galvanised sheet steel, and can also be supplied in other materials such as stainless steel sheet 1.4301, stainless acid-resistant steel sheet 1.4404, and painted in various colours, to special order. It has a net over the opening and an internal rain funnel to collect rainwater and snow, which is drained out of the hood through a hose. The hose can withstand temperatures of between -45 and +65 °C.

The hood has a female connection, which fits outside a ventilation duct.

As special delivery the hood can be supplied with three anchoring wire-loops. It is standard on Ø400.