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Pascal system management

Pascal System Management is the solution that is placed on top of the Regula room control solution and binds them together. Pascal System Management is collecting data from all the room controllers and using this to optimize the control and the airflow to the entire ventilation system. This will turn the DCV/VAV room solutions in to a building solution. With optimized energy consumption.

Pascal System Management will help insuring the good indoor climate at the lowest possible energy consumption.

Pascal System Management can be connected to an overall BMS for further great benefits.

Pascal System Management can also be used as a stand-alone system. It comes with Pascal Operate which is an integrated web configuration tool for setup and commissioning via PC.

If you want to connect the DCV system to an overall BMS system this has already been prepared in Pascal System Management:

  • One access point for BMS connection
  • Possible to both read and adjust parameters from BMS
  • Deliver all needed ventilation data from every room and section
  • Communicate via Modbus TCP/IP, BACnet TCP/IP and Exoline TCP/IP
  • Full parameter and signal lists available