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Volume flow regulator - circularVRU

VRU is a circular volume flow regulator for VAV regulation in duct systems and consists of a measuring unit and a damper. VRU is used for volume flow regulation in circular ducts controlled from e.g. a room controller or BMS. VRU is as standard supplied with MF actuator without communication, but can on request be delivered for Belimo MP, LON, KNX or ModBus communication. Further documentation on the actuator can be requested from Lindab.

VRU is equipped with LindabSafe for connection to the duct and is prepared for insulation up to 50 mm.

VRU can be installed in any position without adjustment required. To avoid contamination of the measuring cross, VRU should only be used for clean air.

  • Requires minimal initial pressure ( Less than 20 Pa at Vnom)
  • Simple adjustment of settings with ZTH or PC tool
  • Damper tightness class 4 according to EN 1751
  • Tightness class C according to EN 1751
  • Standard delivered with 2-10 V control signal
  • Standard delivered with 2-10 V damper position feedback signal *
  • Can be supplied with attenuation shield on request
  • Can be supplied with actuator for several BUS systems
  • Standard MF actuator is used in Pascal systems
  • In Pascal Vmax and Vmin settings has to be 100% and 0% respectively. Airflows are set in Regula Combi.