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SECTHWireless sensor – CO2, temperature relative humidity

The SECTH sensor, is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 Indoor Air Quality monitor. It measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the ambient air accurately without need for additional compensation – true read. The measured parameters are conveniently combined into one common indicator – the Senseair Index – describing how your performance is affected by the ambient air.

Battery lifetime is up to 2 years.

The measured data is shown on a high resolution display and the overall indoor air quality is intuitively indicated by the stylish LED elements as a Senseair Index.

The Senseair Index is an air quality scale which takes into account different environmental parameters to give an easy and quick overview of the indoor air quality.

On the SECTH display it is presented as a value in the range 0 – 100 %, and the current value of the Senseair Index is also reflected by the lit LED light bar ( green, yellow, orange, red).

The data is wirelessly transmitted using an open protocol and can be viewed using a laptop dashboard or a smart phone app.

This product is recommended to be used in one of Lindabs wireless enabled DCV systems and the OneLink app for controlling your ventilation system.