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Ultra BT™ room control system

Three components – full control

As the Ultra BT is so easy to install and works at room level, you can upgrade your CAV ventilation system to a DCV system room by room.

The UltraLink Demand Controlled Ventilation regulator, Bluetooth sensors and Lindab apps on your smartphone gives you the ability to set, monitor and reset up to five different sensors in each of your rooms. That way, you can control everything from CO2 levels, airflow, humidity, presence and temperature with a few clicks in the apps.

No wires – no worries

The UltraLink is installed in existing ducts and everything is connected via Bluetooth. Once you have placed the sensors on the wall, you download the OneLink app to your phone, set all preferred levels in the room, and that is it.

This system is not launched in all countries, please contact your local Lindab sales representative or the local Lindab website for further information.

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