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PRO-PDTPressure Differencial Transmitter

PRO-PDT is a pressure transmitter used for the Fire System Pro. It is equipped with one pressure sensor, two universal inputs, two universal outputs and an RS485 port for Modbus communication.


The transmitter operates as a Modbus slave, relieving the controller of an analogue pressure input, two universal inputs and two universal outputs. This means that less wiring is required, reducing both material costs as well as the amount of work needed.

Due to the use of MEMS dual-chip medical grade sensor the transmitter offers very high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

Easy installation and wiring

The unit can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. If it is installed in a humid environment, vertical mounting is recommended to allow moisture to escape.

Installing the product is made easily since the unit has three separate cable inlets, a large angled terminal and generous space. The communication configuration is both flexible and easy as it can either be done via a menu system, which is easy to navigate, or via Modbus.


Housing: Polycarbonate (PC)

Base: Polycarbonate (PC)