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BSK is an inorganic, alkaline, liquid sodium silicate adhesive/sealant.
Fire class A1.
Used for fire penetration of fire rated duct systems.


Application temperatures between 5⁰ C and 30⁰ C. Surfaces must be dry and free of oil and similar.

Avoid contact with water and moisture.

Hardens under normal circumstances (20⁰ C, humidity 50%) after app. 12 hours.

Must be stored frost-free.

Sealant quality assurance label BSKTUBE:

The label is used as a quality assurance and documentation, that the fire penetration has been carried out correctly.

The label is placed on the side of the closure and is filled in with name of installer, product, fire classification, etc.

Sales unit: 1 sheet with 9 labels

See more info about documenting fire penetration in the mounting guide Lindab fire rated duct system.

Label for quality assurance for sealing compound BSKTUBE purchased separately.