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TGFRRoof transition

Rectangular roof transition, consisting of galvanized duct with 50 mm internal insulation, upon which the flexible roof tile is mounted. Delivered with grey flexible roof tile as standard.

Insulated with 50 mm insulation material and hence meets DS 428.4 "Norm for brandtekniske foranstaltninger ved ventilationsanlæg".

Can to order and to extra cost be delivered with black roof tile and black top. Extra cost information on request.

At mounting in connection with asphalt paper roofing the roof transition can be delivered with galv. steel sheet instead of the flexible roof tile.

Galvanized steel sheet is factory sealed.

Max. roof inclination is 55°.

*) At ordering the following shall be specified:

  • Length of the roof transition (L)
  • Flexible or galvanized roof tile
  • Insulation
  • Angle of the covering (a-side), max. 55°
  • Connections, e.g. standard LS or RJFP-profile