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SLRUPlenum or distribution chamber

Intended for installation beneath joists or under arches, for collection or distribution of connecting ducts.

As standard the box has 50 or 100 mm fire protection insulation and a protective layer of perforated sheet metal.

The box is equipped with an easy removable lid.

SLRU reaches air tightness class C.

Examples of special adaptations:

  • other dimensions than standard
  • 70 mm fire protection insulation
  • handle, hinge, chain
  • with circular access door KCU instead of standard lid
  • several different side connections at desired places
  • insulated or uninsulated bottom, connections can be included
  • with 2 open sides for connection to both floor-wall/ceiling-wall or with 3 open sides if the box is to be placed in a corner
  • other insulation thicknesses on lid and box