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LFPESemiflexible duct

Has a corrugated outside and a smooth inner surface.
Made of odorless polyethylene (PE) without and recycled material.
Inner duct with antistatic additives and has microbial properties according to EN ISO 846 A.

Ring stiffness >= 8 kN/m² according to EN ISO 9969.

Can be bent to a radius of minimum 150 mm.

Dimension 63 fits Lindab Safe Ø 63 mm.

Dimension 76 fits Lindab Safe Ø 76 mm.

Use the transition piece RCFU, with Smart Lock function, to connect the LFPE 76/90-dimension to InDomo manifolds and plenum boxes with 80 mm couplings. The smart lock function allows you to fasten LFPE effortlessly

Outside/inside color: White

Delivered in coils of 50 m.

Minimum installation and use temperature: -5 ºC

Maximum installation and use temperature: +60 ºC