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TUNE-PSRectangular straight attenuator

TUNE-PS is a conventional design with overall dimensions that do not exceed the duct connection dimensions. The attenuator is manufactured in standard duct sizes as detailed in the table below.


Rectangular straight attenuator from the TUNE series. TUNE-PS is constructed using Lindab’s TUNE-PA splitter. The attenuator is manufactured with a casing of galvanized sheet steel and stone wool absorption material covered by a plastic inter-liner and wire mesh to prevent the migration of fibres into the airstream and to protect the acoustic media from grease and oil in kitchen applications.

The TUNE-PS is available with splitter widths 100 and 200 mm and is equipped with flange profile RJFP.

To select the correct Tune-PS attenuator, please use our free selection IT-online tool LindQST or DIMsilencer, where splitter distance, length and height can be optimized for the best performance.

Tested according to ISO 7235 standard.