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Lindab opens Innovation Hub in Helsingborg

Press releaseFEB 14, 2019 14:22 CET
Lindab is opening a new research and development facility in Helsingborg. Photo: Mindpark.

Lindab is Sweden's leading company in the field of ventilation and indoor climate solutions. Now the organisation is opening a new research and development facility in Helsingborg, Sweden – the Lindab Innovation Hub.

The Lindab Innovation Hub officially opens during spring 2019 and is to be run as a free-standing organisation, led by Nicklas Friberg, Head of Lindab Innovation Hub. The team has been tasked with researching new technologies and business models. The new knowledge gained will be disseminated not only within Lindab, but throughout the entire industry.

The opening of the innovation hub signals that Lindab is taking the indoor climate challenges of the future seriously by investing in a facility with a clear focus on innovation. Research shows that the quality of indoor air is of great significance for people's health, performance and productivity. Lindab wants to raise awareness of this throughout the entire industry, but also among consumers.

The Lindab Innovation Hub team consists of individuals selected for their specialist skills in innovation, concept development and indoor climate. Applying new concepts and customer data, they will challenge existing attitudes and present new insights. The aim is for architects, property owners and property developers to gain greater and deeper understanding of the significance of indoor air for people's well-being.

The innovation hub will also offer a start-up environment for companies in the industry to develop new indoor climate products and services for all types of buildings.

"We see great potential in using modern technology for visualising and monitoring indoor climate and thereby making it more relevant and visible, to everyone's benefit. By investing in the innovation hub, we're sending a clear signal that we're preparing for the future," says Ola Ringdahl, CEO Lindab Group.

As part of the same commitment to knowledge sharing and digitalisation, Lindab is preparing to digitalise its training programme, trade fair exhibitions and communications. One of the first consequences of this is that the company is discontinuing its previous policy of physical trade fairs and exhibitions.

Instead, the company is investing in virtual exhibitions and conferences online – more innovative and energy-efficient ways of interacting with its partners and customers.

"Our plan for 2019 clearly follows the trend in other industries. We see that many of them are taking a step beyond the traditional trade fair strategy. We always aim for the best possible return on our investments in marketing activities, and digitalisation gives us opportunities to show our offers and meet our customers in a more efficient way than a traditional trade fair," says Johan Rasmussen, Head of Market Communication, Lindab.

With the aid of the innovation initiative, with its focus on digital communication, Lindab hopes to reach new target groups in many different industries. Lindab aims to contribute knowledge and insights not only to stakeholders in the construction industry, but also to a broader public who spend a large proportion of their time indoors.

"By using modern technology and new solutions, we want to help people to better understand and influence the quality of indoor air, and thereby create a better quality of life," Ola Ringdahl concludes.

Nicklas Friberg, Head of Innovation Hub
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