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Lindab Innovation Hub kicks off innovation event plan

Press releaseFEB 26, 2020 15:13 CET

Lindab Innovation Hub, specialists in indoor climate research and technology, held their first innovation race event in November 2019 as a first step in a series of tailored innovation workshops with the objective of changing the narrative on indoor air quality.

The main purpose of these events is to open a dialogue with diverse stakeholders to better understand how indoor climate technology can help people be healthier and more productive.

First in line to kick off the innovation event plan were two independently-moderated events, featuring property owners and facility managers, designed to improve understanding of indoor climate issues, and to obtain valuable first-hand stakeholder feedback across a variety of subjects.

The focus groups on the first innovation race involved round-table discussion, expert knowledge sharing and a demonstration of some of the innovations currently being developed. Delegates were questioned about their main issues and pain-points and were encouraged to contribute ideas to help shape future solutions.

The events are central to Lindab Innovation Hub’s efforts to ‘make the invisible, visible’. The team are developing a dashboard that will use data to visualize indoor air quality and drive actionable insights. The customer focus groups and other types of innovation workshops form an important part of the research process, and are about encouraging transparency within all the different groups operating in various types of buildings.

The general idea is that, by incorporating stakeholder feedback in the development process, the indoor climate industry can continue to improve with optimised products and customer experiences.

On the first innovation race event in November 2019, six property owners from a diverse group of operators - including offices, homes, schools and hospitals - were gathered together with an independent moderator. The following day, the model was the same, but featured facility managers, or those responsible for the buildings’ daily operations.

“This is the first time we have thoroughly engaged with all of the different stakeholders involved in operating buildings,” said Nicklas Friberg, Head of Lindab Innovation Hub. “We have previously worked with the installers of indoor climate systems, but it is instructive to start meaningful dialogue with all the stakeholders including, of course, end-users: the people who live, work and spend time in these buildings. We believe that it is vital to obtain a variety of feedback to ensure our new tools and services are working effectively for everyone.”

The key result areas are currently being reviewed by Lindab Innovation Hub and feedback from the customer focus groups will form an important part of future development programmes. 


Nicklas Friberg
​Head of Innovation Hub
​Mobil : +46 768 550 417