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New Software Makes Lindab Pascal Even Smarter

Press releaseOCT 07, 2020 16:28 CET

Lindab's intelligent ventilation system Lindab Pascal will soon be even smarter – with the launch of Pascal Operate software this autumn. With an entirely new interface and pre-programmed settings, Pascal Operate makes it even easier to optimise the indoor climate and minimise energy consumption at the same time. 
"Lindab Pascal reaches its full potential with Pascal Operate. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a complete system solution that guarantees optimised commissioning, simple monitoring and operational reliability," says Jesper Laursen, Product Manager at Lindab Ventilation AB.

Lindab Ventilation AB launched the Lindab Pascal smart ventilation system seven years ago. The DCV solution (Demand Controlled Ventilation) makes it easy to create the optimum indoor climate with minimum operating costs by adjusting air flow to the room's conditions, occupancy and the weather outside. Lindab is now launching its Pascal Operate software as an integrated part of Lindab Pascal that provides insight into the system. The upgraded user interface will facilitate commissioning and use of the ventilation system.
"Pascal Operate guarantees a smooth customer experience, both in terms of commissioning and monitoring of Lindab Pascal, which means that our customers will save time and work more efficiently. With the help of predefined settings based on our recommendations, it becomes exceptionally easy to commission and maintain the system," says Peter Svendsen, Automation Product Specialist at Lindab Ventilation AB.

Minimised Maintenance Costs
Pascal Operate is based on full-scale tests and expert knowledge in the area of indoor climate and ventilation solutions. With an integrated alarm, Pascal Operate reacts automatically to deviations in the system and makes it possible for the user to minimise operating and maintenance costs. Because the system now only has one access point, it is easier to monitor and adjust functions, which can also take place from a PC or tablet.

"Pascal Operate means you can make adjustments in an individual room. It gives you a much greater degree of control and better overview than before. It makes Lindab Pascal an even better, more flexible and simpler control system for the indoor climate," says Peter Svendsen.