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Winner of Lindab's Innovation Prize 2022

Press releaseMAY 19, 2022 10:06 CET
To the left Nicklas Friberg, Lindab Innovation Hub and to the right Knut Nordahl, EnergiSystems Tellus AB.

EnergiSystems Tellus AB  is awarded this year's innovation prize

Lindab's Innovation Prize is a prize awarded to a company, individual or organization which can demonstrate an innovative and sustainable product or service, with commercial and/or socio-economic potential that can be put into practice. The winner receives SEK 30,000 as a prize money

This year's winner is EnergiSystems Tellus AB.

Tellus Energi's system is used in new construction to greatly reduce energy consumption. The system absorbs renewable energy from the atmosphere by cooling the water vapor to ice crystals. This design is more efficient than other air-to-water heat pumps. The environmentally friendly refrigerant transports the energy into the building via underground pipes. These pipes automatically act as geothermal heat when it gets cold outside.

Nicklas Friberg, responsible for Lindab Innovation Hub, presented the award during a ceremony at Näringslivsfesten in Båstad. “Efficient energy systems are extremely important to be able to develop our society in a sustainable way. This year's winner has taken an old and proven technology and further developed it into a modern system that creates a good indoor environment, with very low energy consumption, long durability and minimal maintenance. In addition, it has been proven for many years, on many thousands of square meters with satisfied customers. "”, says Nicklas.

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