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Full fire protection and flexibility with new fire steering system from Lindab

Press releaseSEP 26, 2022 08:00 CET

Today, Lindab launches Fire System Pro – an automatic fire and smoke control steering system with multiple setups through one access point, customized function testing and Bluetooth technology for faster commissioning. “Instead of having to install two parallel systems, we have combined a complete steering system that supports both fire dampers and smoke control dampers”, says Jesper Karlsson, product manager for fire steering systems at Lindab. “We see this as one less thing for our customers to concern about, saving them both time and expenses”.

Through automatic containment and smoke evacuation, the Fire System Pro will prevent fire from escalating while also stopping smoke and cold toxic gases from circulating throughout the ventilation system. In case of fire, the system will automatically close fire dampers to contain the fire in one compartment while smoke control dampers will ensure that no gas or smoke spreads through to other compartments but is instead lead out of the building. “It only takes seconds for fire and smoke to spread in a ventilation system, so with that in mind, we have developed a system with main focus on maintaining the fire in one compartment while simultaneously evacuating the toxic smoke to protect both people and the building from injuries and damage”, Jesper Karlsson says.

The Fire System Pro consists of three main components – a master unit, damper unit, and mobile application. The master unit, with support from the damper unit, can be connected throughout the building with up to 60 fire and smoke control dampers, accomplishing a complete fire and smoke protection steering system that can be controlled, monitored, and tested in the same unit. The system can also be customized with other products to provide maximum control and configuration. To save time and avoid ladders, the damper unit is designed with Bluetooth functionality and once connected to Lindab’s Pro-Link mobile application, the unit can be set-up and modified directly from a smartphone.

The new Fire System Pro also comes with an extended design for customized and automatic testing and control of the system. This includes a fully automatic function test, individual test set-up from the master unit, manual test functionality and detailed alarm communication. The system is designed to support safe and easy installation, with generous space for wiring inside the housing and a thorough connection guide to ensure fast and correct wiring. Additionally, the system can easily be connected to the overall building management system via BacNet or ModBus, to get a complete overview of the building.

The new Fire System Pro is developed as a part of Lindab Protect, an extensive range of Lindab products and systems offering greater safety in buildings. “Fire protection in buildings, and especially in ventilation systems, is an important area for Lindab”, Jesper Karlsson says. “We have seen increasing demands and focus from authorities for more automatic and reliable fire protection over the last couple of years. This is also why we have increased our offerings and expert knowledge within the field”, he says.