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New Plafond XD integrates indoor climate excellence with architectural statement

Press releaseNOV 21, 2022 07:00 CET

Today Lindab launches Plafond XD – an active chilled beam that combines optimal indoor climate performance with flexible design, bringing valuable options to architects, installers and property owners alike.

The upgraded version of Lindab’s Plafond – Plafond XD - presents a new and extensive concept of exposed active chilled beams by separating the technical body of the product from the actual cover design. This modular approach allows for unique flexibility as the beam capacity is independent from the preferred look of the cover. “Plafond XD makes an ideal choice when combining architectural aesthetic with building requirements and indoor climate performance”, says Martin Wiebicke, product manager for ICS Water solutions at Lindab.

The Plafond XD comes with seven different covers, including five new design covers developed in collaboration with Klaus Nolting, industrial designer, and founder of ON3D design studio.

“Our ambition was not only to develop the best performing product on the market, but also to meet and exceed expectations of smooth installation and architectural freedom”, Martin Wiebicke says. “We are thrilled about Klaus Noltings involvement in the project, and his expertise in both design and architecture were crucial for the design and final result of the covers”, he says.

“It’s been an honor working together with Lindab on this project. There is a strong architectural will to solve exposed ventilation in buildings, so our challenge was to extend the cover design of Plafond XD to not only be seen as a cover hiding a ventilation system, but as an integrated part of the interior design”, says Klaus Nolting, industrial designer, and founder/owner of ON3D design studio.

“The vision was to transport the architectural building structure from the outside, into the room inside. The overall look, mode of expression and variety in styles was prioritized, so the different covers could either be incorporated as a clear architectural statement, blend in with the surroundings or used as a subtle compliment to the interior design”, Nolting says.

Beside the new modular concept and cover design, Plafond XD also comes with more technical updates, such as optional airflow adjustment, high primary airflow, customized cooling and heating capacity as well as optimized battery performance. The product is Eurovent certified and a good choice for green building certifications, due to its energy efficiency, light weight, and flexibility. As a special design solution, holes for sprinklers, loudspeakers and lighting can be foreseen and pre-cut in the factory on request.

“We are proud to offer full support of our Plafond XD, not only with our expertise on different solutions but also through our comprehensive range of digital tools”, Martin Wiebicke says. “Indoor climate designer, LindQST and Waterborne calculator are all reliable tools to calculate, configure and optimize the indoor climate performance. For Plafond XD we have also included an interactive inspiration tool, for architects and property owners to test and try our new cover designs in different environments".