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Complete Lindab ventilation deliveries to “new” Spritan in Helsingborg, Sweden

NewsJAN 16, 2020 14:13 CET
At the bakery Två Systrar, an impressive Lindab installation creates a comfortable indoor climate for both customers and staff.

Art, culture and activities with quality focus

It’s hard not to be impressed standing in front of Spritan’s four floor facade, oozing with industrial history. “Spritan” is the old local nickname for the building, referring to the production of spirits that took place on the premises.

The feeling of awe continues when you see that this brick jewel, after years of sad decay, is now being filled with new life as a new meeting place for art, culture, design, good food and a multitude of activities.

“I quickly saw the possibilities of Spritan and how love and passion could transform it into an exciting and inspiring place for all kinds of people,” says Andreas Wargenbrant, artist and property developer. “Quality shall be the key word in all our activities at Spritan. That’s why Lindab’s ducts and diffusers are seen in all completed parts of the large building.”

With the Hasslarp sugar refinery close by, and the Skåne-Halland railway just inaugurated in 1885, Ödåkra turned out to be the perfect place for a distillery. Which is why Helsingborgs Spritförädlingsfabrik Ödåkra is opened in 1897 and the best seller from the beautiful red brick buildings quickly becomes the spiced schnapps Ödåkra Taffel Aqvavit.

Spritan produced a number of spirits, all based on the sugar beets from Hasslarp, but Swedish authorities soon found the country’s alcohol consumption reaching unhealthy levels and both restricted and nationalized production as well as distribution. As a consequence, Spritan was shut down in 1910, but no later than 1917 nationalized producer Vin&Sprit bought the premises and resumed production. In 1977 the last drops of schnapps, whisky and other spirits where barrelled, and the plant finally shut down. With the exception of usage as short term IKEA furniture storage, Spritan was abandoned and fell into decay. The formerly so appreciated became an increasing problem and demolition was one of the alternatives.

The internationally known sculpture multi artist Andreas Wargenbrant early had is eyes on Spritan. “I probably saw what others did not see, a great potential for a top arts and cultural centre,” says Andreas who besides being an artist also has been involved in many property development projects.

Together with partner Martin Haase the premises were acquried in 2017 and the art project Spritan is launched. Today it is well on its way. “The idea is to create an intervowen experience for the visitors, with the definite goal of including quality and authenticity in all aspects,” Andreas enthusiastically continues. He makes sure to overview the development and design of every new refurbished addition to the premises. Together with his uniform, yet artistic, sign programme, this puts a focus on building a community rather than a place for commercialism.

Wherever you move in Spritan, Lindab’s ducts and diffusers are ever present as a natural, and important, part of the rooms.

More than 3,000 of the building’s total area of 16,000 m2 are leased, refurbished and in operation as of now. This mix consists of art galleries, a micro brewery, restaurants, design and furniture shops, coffee shops, bakery, padel courts, Europes largets shooting-range, coiffeurs, etc. “And more is coming,” Andreas adds. “We are now building the showrooms and training kitchen for Swedish top chef Tina Nordström. We also have an advertising agency, a film studio and Sweden’s top food photographer on the way in. In addition we are shortly opening Spritan’s own art gallery and exhibition area. Key in this development is every participants true devotion and calling to what they do themselves, in combination with a willingness to move things together. Then all will turn out incredibly well”.

Möllers Total i Helsingborg is responsible for all ventilation installations. Lindab Safe ducts make up the majority of the deliveries, with Lindab diffusers like multi cone diffuser FKD in combination with the MBB plenum box installed in various parts of the duct systems.

“We put a lot of money on clean, comfortable air and good working conditions, and when choosing ventilation systems and products I used the same well defined demand as on everything else within these walls, namely quality,” Andreas concludes. ”Modern, energy efficient indoor climate solutions with quality was precisely what was wanted. So, we chose Lindab. It’s as simple as that!

A bakery means high temperatures for the staff, as well as a need for freshly ventilated public areas. At Två Systrar the Lindab solution is somewhat more complex, consisting of Lindab silcencers and dampers as well as KSU and FKD diffusers in combination with plenum boxes MBB and an array of ducts.