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Good indoor climate – an investment in children’s future

NewsAPR 23, 2020 13:38 CET
Head of School Jette Bonde Mikkelsen in one of the school’s classrooms together with lively, happy children.

Lindab Pascal provides demand controlled, energy efficient ventilation

In Denmark, there is a growing interest in improving the indoor climate in the country’s schools and institutions. St. Michael’s School in Kolding is the latest in a series of schools that have chosen to install a demand-controlled and energy efficient Lindab Pascal ventilation system. “Good ventilation is simply a good investment in the future of our children,” says headteacher Jette Bonde Mikkelsen at St. Michael’s.

“For a long time we have had a desire to bring down CO2 levels here at our school as it quickly became hot in the classrooms with poor air quality as a result. The result was tired children who had difficulty concentrating. Therefore, in conjunction with a recent complete renovation of our school, a new efficient ventilation system was a must”, continues Jette Bonde Mikkelsen.

Head of School Jette Bonde Mikkelsen in front of recently renovated st. Michael’s School with new Lindab Pascal ventilation system.

Energy optimized and reliable solution 
In schools and institutions, where the premises can go from being empty to suddenly accommodating 25 people or more, flexible and energy-optimized ventilation that provides a constant good indoor climate is crucial. “Lindab Pascal is a very good school solution, as it can regulate the air flow completely as needed and keep the CO2 levels down,” says John Harboe of Airteam, who has installed the Pascal solution at St. Michael’s School. Lindab Pascal is a so-called Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) system, which is basically temperature controlled, but which also measures the room occupancy and adjusts the air flow accordingly via presence sensors and CO2 sensors. Many old ventilation systems are either on or off, while Pascal is always at an operating level that provides optimal and energy-efficient ventilation.

Better indoor climate from day one

St. Michael’s has for more than 135 years strived to create the best possible framework for children’s learning, in both educational and physical sense. The now improved school environment has created very positive feedback from children as well as from teachers, staff and parents. “It is wonderful to walk around the school and hear both children and adults praising the results of the renovation. Since it is our responsibility to create the best conditions for our children’s lives and learning, it was, thanks to Lindab Pascal very, gratifying to be able to welcome everyone back to a new good indoor climate after the summer holidays!,” concludes Jette Bonde Mikkelsen.

Typical Lindab Pascal supply air diffuser, LCP, with built-in presence sensor in the center of the device.

Clearly increasing demand
Lindab sees a clear increase in demand for demand- controlled ventilation in schools. “In the last 5-10 years, schools’ interest in our ventilation solutions have increased significantly,” says Stephan Jensen, sales engineer at Lindab. “The building regulations are moving towards less energy consumption, which is why several schools are choosing an energy efficient and reliable solution like our Lindab Pascal”. Children’s House in Farum, Danish Talent Academy in Holstebro, VUC in Copenhagen, Hansenberg Business School in Kolding are examples of schools and institutions in Denmark that have done just that. Lindab’s Pascal delivery at St. Michael’s includes control components Regula Master and Regula Combi, VRU air regulators, LCP supply air diffusers, exhaust air fittings and a complete air duct system including silencers.