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Elevating BIM-Design: Lindab introduces upgraded LindQST MagiCAD plugin

NewsFEB 12, 2024 11:59 CET
An updated version of LindQST MagiCAD plugin enhances the process for ventilation professionals, improving integration and efficiency.

In the ever-evolving world of BIM workflow, Lindab takes a significant step forward with the introduction of the new version of its LindQST MagiCAD plugin. Know for simplifying the process of finding and calculating optimal products for indoor climate, LindQST has become an essential tool for ventilation professionals in Europe. The new version of the LindQST MagiCAD plugin promises to further enhance this process, offering improved integration and efficiency.

The standout feature of the LindQST MagiCAD plugin is its ability to directly connect the user's Revit model to a LindQST project. This new feature simplifies the workflow by automatically generating rooms in the 3D Indoor Climate Designer of LindQST, using MEP-Spaces data from the model.

Kai Bingström, Manager of IT solutions at Lindab, shares his insights on the development, "For us it was important to make the ventilation design work more effective and integrated with MagiCAD, and with a higher accuracy."

Notably, the upgraded plugin also enables users to export multiple products back to MagiCAD for Revit. This new feature eliminates the need for manual product-by-product insertion, saving valuable time and improving the quality of integrated design.

"The plugin is not just about uploading MEP-Spaces. It enhances the quality of integrated design by allowing users to export multiple products back to MagiCAD for Revit, including their positioning and rotation in the model. This is a significant step forward," Kai adds

By bridging user’s BIM models with LindQST, the new version of the LindQST MagiCAD plugin simplifies the ventilation design process, making it more comfortable and productive.

The new plugin retains all the well-known functions from previous versions, and introduces a new function for the recently developed Damper Selector in LindQST, providing even more functionality and convenience for users.