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Sjöbefälsskolan, the maritime academy, in Gothenburg

In connection with an extensive renovation of the Gothenburg landmark Sjöbefälsskolan, the maritime academy, the newly moved-in tenant Vinngroup has been given an indoor climate to enjoy. For the building's ventilation system, LH Ventteknik has chosen duct systems and indoor climate solutions from Lindab with Premax and Professor chilled beams, diffuser DCS and Regula Combi control systems.

Flexible adjustments

“After Vinngroup moved in, which took place gradually in the spring/summer of 2015, additional glass sections and a certain increase in room load made certain adjustments necessary. We pulled out a little extra supply air, and supplemented the cooling system with a few baffles, and after that we of course had to review parts of the system's adjustment and control, but it went easily with the help of the Regula system ", says Staffan Wramdemark, project manager at LH Ventteknik.

The strength of one supplier

LH Ventteknik began its duct and indoor climate installations in September 2014 and was fully completed in March 2015. “We have increasingly chosen to purchase duct systems as well as diffusers and indoor climate systems from Lindab. Having one single supplier for the entire ventilation technology undoubtedly simplifies life for us. It also makes it faster and easier to assemble, and in addition, Lindab's good technical support gives us extra flow", concludes Staffan Wramdemark.