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Your supplier on Industrial Doors

Giving your building just the right finish

Doors from Lindab are based on many years of experience and development, which is based on customers' requirements for safety, environment, quality and design. Protecting goods, production and employees may be the main goal but the door should also look good from the outside. We help you identify the needs that your door solution must meet.

Sustainable and environmentally declared (EPD)

Lindab has an EPD environmental declaration with cradle to grave on the gates, which ensures you one of the most environmentally friendly door solutions on the market. Our 46 mm panel has a unique core of extruded polystyrene, which is not only more resistant, it also emits 50% less CO2 during manufacture, compared to traditional polyurethane foam doors.

High-end electric drive: LP-PRO

It is with great pride that we can finally share the latest news: LP-PRO control with colour display, which can also be supplied with frequency converter for soft start/stop, just like the software can be updated when there are new functions.

New and optimised motors

The new motors have integrated encoder, are quieter and have the option of more speed. Choose between BK motor, which is a new standard motor with chain for emergency opening in the event of a power failure or BF motor with release for emergency opening in the event of a power failure. Suitable for escape route solutions.

Fullvision - now in thermal edition

Get an exclusive and architectural look with Fullvision. As something new, you can choose with or without cold bridge separation. The separated profiles of the cold bridges improve the u-value and reduce the heat loss of the building. The solution is ideal for heated buildings.

Get up to 5x speed

Tired of waiting and heat loss? With an HSI electric drive for industrial sectional doors, the door opens up to 5x faster than traditional controls. The solution minimise drafts and reduces the building's energy consumption.

Unique panel solution

Lindab are the only ones on the market that uses an extruded polystyrene core, due to its unique properties. This means that a door from Lindab: ● Has a high insulation capacity throughout the life of the door ● The polystyrene core is water-repellent and thus frost-proof ● Acts fire-retardant and without toxic smoke evolution ● Reduces water uptake by up to 84% compared to other core materials ● Has a solid core and a strong panel without risk of delaminating ● 40% stronger than traditional doors with a polyurethane core.

BIM objects for Revit and ArchiCAD

Download vendor-neutral BIM objects that are simple and easy to work with. They are configurable in terms of design, electrical operation, replacement air, roof sequence etc. and all VR compatible. Available for both ArchiCAD and Revit. GRAPHISOFT has created an online guide that describes how the objects for ArchiCAD are used.