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BREEAM - Air distribution

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings. The international standard can be locally adapted. 

The building’s performance is assessed in several different areas such as energy use, indoor climate and choice of materials. Score points, called credits, are accumulated for each area and then aggregated into an overall score resulting in a rating. The BREEAM ratings are: Outstanding, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Pass and Unclassified.

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More detailed information:

Management – MAN 04 commissioning and handover

(No. of credits available: 4)

To encourage a properly planned handover and commissioning process that reflects the needs of the building occupants.

Lindab offer complete equipment for field measuring of leakage in duct systems, e.g. for handing over measuring according to EN 12599. Documentation such as product data sheets, performance declarations and Building Product Declarations are available.


Health and wellbeing – HEA 02 Indoor air quality

(No. of credits available depends on building type)

To recognise and encourage a healthy internal environment through the specification and installation of appropriate ventilation, equipment and finishes.

A good indoor climate has a great impact on how people understand and use information. Airtight duct system plays an important role for the indoor climate, it has an effect on the stability of air parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration.

Lindab’s products are free from asbestos and are not affected by the emission criteria. The EPDM-rubber gasket fulfils requirements from VDI 6022, Part 1 (07/2011) in microbial inertness and is suitable for use in HVAC-systems. Examination of the bio deterioration of the material is performed according to DIN EN ISO 846.

build tight-ventilate right.png


Health and wellbeing – HEA 04 Thermal comfort

(No. of credits available: 3)

To ensure that appropriate thermal comfort levels are achieved through design, and that controls are selected to maintain a thermally comfortable environment for occupants within the building.

A good indoor climate has a great impact on how people understand and use information. Airtight duct system plays an important role for the indoor climate, it has an effect on the stability of air parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration.


Energy - ENE 01 Reduction of energy use and carbon emissions

(No. of credits available: 13)

To recognise and encourage buildings designed to minimise operational Energy demand, Primary energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Lindab Safe is the first air duct system in the world to receive Eurovent certification. This means that you can feel safe with the products you buy as well as being sure that they maintain high quality and achieve air tightness class D.

Leakage leads to uneconomical operation, adjustment difficulties and over-dimensioned equipment. For this reason, it is important that ventilation systems are very well sealed, to keep overall costs down and minimize environmental impact. Our air duct system provides a circulating flow of energy, where almost all the supplied energy is fed back to the heat exchanger which in turn heats the new supply air.

Lindab_Ductmc_Eurovent_logo-01.png The first air duct system
in the world to comply with
tightness class D.

Materials - Mat 01 Life-cycle impact

(No. of credits available depends on building type)

To recognise and encourage the use of robust and appropriate life cycle assessment tools and consequently the specification of construction materials with a low environmental impact (including embodied carbon) over the full life cycle of the building.

Lindab’s EPD are available here, and there is an ongoing work to publish more. However, ventilation products are not yet included in the requirements for EPDs in BREEAM.


Materials - MAT 03 Responsible sourcing of construction products

(No. of credits available: 4)

To recognise and encourage the specification and procurement of responsibly sourced construction products.

All of Lindab’s major production units are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Section 4 and 5 in the Building Product Declaration describe where the largest volume of materials are purchased, what volume of the materials are recycled, and the final country of production.

Lindab puts a great emphasis on materials selection and wants to promote the purchase of materials that are sustainable and responsibly manufactured and extracted. Read more about sustainable sourcing.


Materials – MAT 06 Material efficiency

(No. of credits available: 1)

To recognise and encourage measures to optimise material efficiency in order to minimise the environmental impact of material use and waste without compromising on structural stability, durability or service life of the building.

Lindab offers different products and services that assure the quality of the construction project right from the start of the design phase. 

We can support you in the planning and design phase by offering advice based on your conditions:

  • Environmental certificates along with other assessments and approvals.
  • Design assistance to ensure energy-efficient and optimised ventilation.
  • Product selection programs such as lindQST for searching, calculating, and simulating indoor climate products as well as BIM objects in MagiCloud, plug-ins for Revit, and AutoCAD for product quantification and other smart functions.


When the project is up and running, deliveries are on their way, and the installation is carried out, we can support you with:

  • Customised products.
  • Deliveries to suit your requirements.
  • Packaging according to floors, rooms, etc. using goods labelling.
  • Deliveries in clearly marked boxes to make it easier to find the right material on site.
  • Smart tools that facilitate handling, to streamline installation, and commissioning.
  • Option of joint deliveries of all materials from our central distribution center.
  • Short delivery times and increased flexibility with local production/hub. 


Waste - WST 01 Construction waste management

(No. of credits available: 3)

To promote resource efficiency via the effective and appropriate management of construction waste.

Lindab can deliver customised products, with the right length of ducts no cutting is needed at the construction site, meaning time is saved and waste is minimised. Many of our products consist of only a few materials and are often easy to disassemble, which means that each material can be recycled efficiently. The main material in the duct system is steel, this material does not only have very long service life, it is also 100% recyclable. Packaging materials are also recyclable and Lindab’s cardboard boxes are made of 100% recycled fibre. In section 10 of the Building Product Declaration you can find more information about waste management.