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KVOKQuarter round gutter outlet

The gutter outlet has a nice fit to the quarter round gutter. The installation with the hidden lock function in the bead of the gutter in the front and the back makes the installation both easy and nice looking.

This product can just as easy be installed after the gutter is in place. No matter when it is installed, it’s flexible with a fast and easy installation.
Put the nose of the gutter outlet in the bead in the front of the gutter. Twist the gutter outlet around the gutter and bend the tabs.

The gutter outlet is designed to sit vertical when the gutter is mounted with the proper lower front than back.
The gutter outlet is developed to be installed without any fasteners or silicon.

This product is made of powder coated galvanized steel in 0,6 mm thickness. The powder is carefully developed to have perfect match to the precoated material and no difference in design will occur.