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Stylish and solid
Designer roof with integrated solar panels

The new Lindab SolarRoof is the classic quality roof from Lindab, which is equipped with a discreet solar panel with impressive performance. It’s a sheet metal roof and a new type of integrated solar panel in one and the same product.




"We’ve found the perfect combination of design, performance and quality"

Joakim Jönsson, head of Lindab SolarRoof, on developing attractive roofs with solar panels that last over time.

The roof that sets new standards
Green electricity for maximum efficiency without compromising on design

Say hello to the new upgraded Lindab SolarRoof. The roof that looks good and generates lots of green electricity. The Lindab SolarRoof combines our Swedish-made sheet metal roofs in a Scandinavian style with discreet and efficient solar panels. The result is a new standard where you don’t have to compromise between efficiency and design.

A complete roof that is easy to install

Because the solar cells form an integrated part of the roof profile, it is as simple to install a Lindab Solar Roof as our standard roof profiles. SolarRoof is available as a pre-folded standing seam profile (LSP) that gives the most kilowatts per square metre and that a sheet metal roofer can install. Or you can choose an installation-friendly click-roof (SRP) that you or a carpenter can install. This means that there are no extra installation costs apart from the actual cable installation and those relating to the electrical installation. The Lindab SolarRoof is sold without inverters.

New type of solar panel with unique properties

The new Lindab SolarRoof consists of our most popular roof profiles, which are equipped with a new type of solar panel with impressive properties. The panel is less than 3 millimetres thick, easily bendable and adaptable to the surface. It is available in two different finishes – matt and glossy. Its flexible properties make it suitable for both houses and larger buildings.

The solar panels are produced in Europe and weigh only 2.5 kg per m² - compared to conventional external panels that can weigh 20–30 kg per m².

Lindab’s solar panels are attached with a tape-like material, which means that they do not break the waterproofing membrane or catch the wind the same way as external alternatives. The product warranty is 10 years and the efficiency guarantee after 25 years is 85%.

Top performance

The technology in Lindab’s solar panels, monocrystalline cells (Mono-Si), provides an equivalent efficiency to solar cells in traditional solar panels. The efficiency in the cell itself is 200W per m² and, installed on our roof profiles, the efficiency is 149–173W per square metre, depending on which roof profile that is chosen. As an example, a standard 6×12 meter house roof with Lindab’s SRP profiles can generate an efficiency of 8.2kWp. The slightly wider LSP600 profiles deliver 9.2kWP.

kWp (kilowatt peak) is the standard used to measure the peak efficiency of solar cells.

With the Lindab SolarRoof, you can optimise the number of solar cells according to your roof. The solar panels are fastened as two- and three-metre units according to your specifications on our most popular SRP and LSP roof profiles.

Efficiency, two-metre unit:
With roof profile SRP and LSP540: 136W
With wider roof profile LSP600: 204W

Efficiency, three-metre unit:
SRP and LSP540: 204W
LSP600: 306W

Solar panels – a sustainable investment

Solar panels mean great opportunities for both your building and the climate in general. Taking advantage of the sunrays and converting them into energy is a very climate-smart solution. Solar panels are the future and can be seen on roofs, fields and mobile devices almost everywhere we turn.

Investing in solar panels is great both for your wallet and for our planet. After a one-time fee for installation and procurement of panels, you can expect to earn this money back. The payback time and profitability of your solar panels are of course affected by future electricity prices, taxes and subsidies. But what is clear is that you secure part of your electricity use and, in addition, the value of your property will most likely increase. In due course, your investment is repaid. Solar panels are becoming more and more common and are for many a given feature of the house.


How solar panels work 


Solar panels consist of solar cells that capture sunlight and convert this into direct current.


2.pngAn optimizer ensures that the solar panels produce at an optimal level at all times through something called MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), each optimizer is connected to two solar panels.



An inverter converts the direct current from the solar panels into alternating current which can, for example, be used to power various appliances or charge electric cars.



The electricity meter is used to measure which electricity you produce and sell to the electrical grid and to measure which electricity is bought and consumed by the household.



All electricity that is not consumed by the household is sent to the electrical grid and can then be used by someone else nearby instead of the electricity company having to send electricity over long distances.


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