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Integra is a series of flush mixed ceiling diffusers for mounting in ceilings. The diffusers are primarily offered in circular, but also available in square forms with a large selection of frontplates in different designs, which satisfy requirements as well as function. The circular diffusers are normally cut directly into the ceiling when mounted, but can by using module plates be adapted for the most common 600x600 ceiling systems. The square diffusers in this series are adapted to the system-ceiling when delivered. The diffusers can be mounted in plenum boxes with great advantage, in order to obtain a stabile air flow to the diffuser and the possibility for individual adjustments.
Integra has a unique magnetic mounting system of the front plates on all circular diffusers with exception of RCG. This ensures an incredibly easy access to all the internal components, which can be demounted without the use of tools, and gives free access to the air duct system in connection with cleaning.

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