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LCFV/LCFV-PVisible diffuser

LCFV is a VAV diffuser unit for supply air with circular unperforated face plate for free hanging installations.
LCFV includes a unique linear cone damper with integrated volume flow regulator used for VAV regulation directly in the unit.
The built-in VAV actuator is delivered pre-programmed with damper characteristic and in combination with a stable flow measurement over the damper, it makes the VAV regulation very accurate and reliable.
In Pascal system LCFV is controlled by a Regula Combi room controller where all room settings can be done after installation. This means that no factory settings or specific room labeling is needed for LCFV.
LCFV is as standard delivered with a special designed Regula Connect card, for easy and simple wiring.

  • Free hanging VAV unit with integrated volume flow regulator
  • Suitable in full variable airflow range with high undertemperature (0-100%)
  • Unique linear cone damper
  • Up to 200 Pa with low sound level
  • Accurate and reliable VAV regulation
  • Settings can be done in Regula Combi after installation
  • Includes Regula Connect card for easy wiring