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Supply and exhaust through ventilation grilles is traditionally used in all types of buildings. Supply is usually placed in the wall near the ceiling, or in the floor in long facades.
Exhaust is usually placed in the ceiling or in the wall near the ceiling. Supply air near the floor or in the window-benches is typically used along facades in order to reduce drop in temperature or heating due to the sun, and often in a combination with ceiling diffusers.
In the same manner, the ventilation grilles are also used in large numbers as convection grilles to conceal convector channels or window-benches or similar openings, where the ventilation grilles does not have an aero-technical function.
In the Lindab programme of ventilation grilles, there are grilles for any purpose. We produce grilles in both aluminium and steel. Grilles can be mounted in the floor, wall, outer wall, ceiling and directly into circular air ducts and rectangular air ducts.
Most of Lindabs grilles can be adjusted to specific measurements upon demand. The ventilation grilles are made in special customer-adjusted varieties to fit any needs.

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