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RCWSwirl diffuser

RCW is a swirl diffuser particularly suitable for rooms with a high ceiling.

The diffuser is equipped with adjustable blades, so the sup-ply air pattern can be changed from vertical to horizontal.

The blade settings can be adjusted manually, or the function can be automated using two types of motors (electric modulating or electric on/off) or a thermal actuator.

RCW-0 (manual) is supplied with a blade setting of 30° (horizontal) as standard.
RCW-1 (modulating motor) can vary the blade setting between 30° to 75°, where 30° blade setting provides horizontal dispersal pattern, and 45° to 75° provides vertical dispersal patterns with different air throws.
RCW-2 (on/off motor) switches the blade settings between 30° (horizontal) and 75° (vertical) as standard.
RCW-3 (thermal actuator) is changing between 30° (horizontal) and 75° (vertical) depending on the supply air temperature.

  • Suitable for both cooling and heating.
  • Horizontal and vertical dispersal pattern.
  • High induction.