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Lindab launches TEKNOsim 6.0

Press releaseMAY 28, 2020 15:19 CET
TEKNOsim 6.0 simplifies your design work

In order to create a perfect indoor climate, it is necessary to take into account both the characteristics of buildings, the needs of users and how external and internal factors interact and affect the indoor climate. These are complex relationships, difficult to calculate if you do not have an effective simulation tool at hand.

– TEKNOsim was developed in its first version in the mid-1990s and has been continuously developed to meet the market's growing need for a fast, efficient and reliable simulation tool. Whether you are a designer, installer, property owner or just curious, you can quickly and easily calculate both heat and cooling requirements based on the building's characteristics and geographical location,says Dag Wallin, Business Developer Ventilation at Lindab Sweden.

TEKNOsim 6.0 gives you new opportunities to simplify your design work.
Some of the innovations in TEKNOsim 6.0 are the updated and user-friendly interface where you can build up an entire property, room by room or import your complete models directly from Revit and AutoCAD. In addition to power calculations, you can also calculate energy use. Global climate data from ASHRAE means that your project can be located in Kiruna, Sweden as well as in Dubai, UAE. To help you, there is a large database of predefined building elements, where you can also import or construct custom-defined components.

– The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes TEKNOsim 6.0 a powerful and simple tool. A major advantage of TEKNOsim is that it is not only aimed at a few "experts". With a low annual license cost, we want everyone who works with design to be able to access a good climate simulation program that simplifies daily work, Dag continues.

TEKNOsim is a brand independent simulation tool, where you also have access to Lindab's entire range of waterborne products. This is to quickly create a ready-made solution where actual performance is calculated correctly based on dynamic progress. The programme is verified by both Chalmers industrial technology and Lund’s University of Technology in Sweden

– The main advantages of TEKNOsim are that the program is a fast tool for heat and cooling simulation, easy to use and affordable, concludes Dag Wallin.

- TEKNOsim has been in use by customers for a long time now. It supports users with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn software to simulate cooling and heating capacities for building projects as well as the quality of the indoor temperature and annual energy simulations. The new version combines the existing well assimilated features with new and improved features with a more intuitive User Interface. One new feature is the integration with Revit so that the user can reuse the existing 3D-design which reduces the required time and improves the accuracy even more. The new annual building simulation is another top feature that goes well in hand with the demand for more environment friendly building design, says Kai Bingström, IT Solution Manager at Lindab.

TEKNOsim 6.0 is easily downloaded here. The program has a 14-day free trial.